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Undiscovered Alps
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Sleep in an Igloo

Wrap up warm and go 'eskimo' for the night. A truly memorable experience sleeping in an authentic hand built igloo on a high alpine plateau at 2300m.

Adventure Factor
Brave the cold for a unique, one off experience!

Orcieres 1850, Southern French Alps

Months Available
Age/Size Restrictions

Minimum age is 8.

Skill Level

No experience is needed - just a sense of adventure! The igloos are quite cosy so it is probably best to avoid this activity if you are claustrophobic.

Candlelit igloo in the igloo village in orcieres
Candlelit igloo in the igloo village in orcieres
Igloo Village in orcieres
Igloo Village cooking dinner
Inside the igloo in Orcieres Igloo Village
The Igloo Village in orcieres in the Alps
An igloo in the igloo village in the Alps
A view of the igloo village
Igloo an example of an igloo in Orcieres
Inside an igloo in the igloo village in orcieres
Family at the igloo village in Orcieres
Looking at the igloos in the igloo village

Sleep in an Igloo

Up at 2300m on the Rocherousse plateau in Orcieres 1850 is the igloo village!

What are the igloos?

The igloos are built using eskimo technology adapted to the Alps climate and snow conditions! 

A large dome of snow is built and then literally dug out by hand with a spade to create a hollow space inside. There is a sleeping patform which is higher than the entrance tunnel to make the most of the warmer air rising for comfortable sleeping conditions! In the walls are little shelves for candles and some igloo builders get creative with ice carvings on the walls! 

In the village there are five or six igloos, each sleeping 4 to 5 people - they are quite cosy! They are equipped with special insulated mattresses with warm sleeping bags suitable for the cold night time temperatures. They are lit with candles inside, which against the snow create a rather unique and quite romantic atmosphere!

What happens during the Night in an Igloo

Journalist Jo Kessel braved the cold for a night with her sister. Read her report in the Independent Newspaper

The night in the igloo village unfolds as follows..... After catching the last lift up to the plateau you will watch all the skiers ski off the mountain leaving you in the peace and quiet!

Then you will go for a short easy walk around the igloo village with your guide to watch the sun set and look at the stars, which is a magnificent spectacle, made all the more special by having it all to yourselves!

After your walk you will go to the cabin or chalet restaurant where you will eat dinner before going to your igloos to sleep. Or, you and your guide will cook in the igloos and eat there!! Dinner is usually a sociable dish like fondue and vegetarians can be catered for. Alcohol is not allowed due to the altitude.

After dinner you will go to the igloos, snuggle up in your sleeping bags and sleep!!

There are toilets accessible throughout the night a short walk away from the igloos but you will need a head torch to navigate your way there in the dark!

In the morning you are woken up with hot drinks and brekkie. After breakfast, you can enjoy the specacular view of the mountains before the skiers take over!


Our Points System

With all of our activity holidays and some of our sport specific holidays we include a number of activity points which you can exchange for the activities of your choice. We will then incorporate your choices into your holiday and create your tailor made itinerary.

Activity Point Options
  • 3 Points - Sleep in an Igloo in the Igloo Village
    All Levels / Min Age 8
Other Options

We also offer igloo building as an activity if you fancy having a go at building one yourself.

For even more of an adventure you can also try our two day snowshoeing and igloo building expedition where you go off in to the wilderness with a high mountain guide, build your own igloo and sleep in it!

Please ask us about these options or have a look at them in our activities section.

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